1. Is GooOrder.com made only for B2B businesses?
A: Yes. We have built it to meet the requirements of most B2B and wholesaler businesses, which makes placing wholesale orders really convenient.

2. I am a wholesaler, importer, distributor, drop shipper, or manufacturer, how can I use GooOrder.com?
A: You just sign up an account on GooOrder.com, add your products, invite your old customers, and start receiving orders online.

3.  Do I have to download anything in order to use this software?
A: No, GooOrder.com is based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. You use it through your regular browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 8+, etc.) on computer, tablet or smart phone.

4. I have my own domain. Can I use it under my own domain?
A: Yes. When you sign up on our GooOrder.com, you will have a sub domain like this: yourcompanyname.GooOrder.com (e.g. ANECandy.GooOrder.com). But you may change it later to use your own domain name if you already have your own.

5. I have my own website, but it doesn't have online ordering. How can I integrate it to my own website?
A: The only thing you need to do is put the link yourcompanyname.GooOrder.com on your own website and ask your customers to click it and order online.

6.  Do my old customers need to register their accounts by themselves on my website (like YourCompanyName.GooOrder.com)?
A: Your old customers don't need to register their accounts by themselves. Manager or sales reps can create accounts for them, system will send welcome email to your customer automatically. The email will tell them how to log into your online ordering website and place orders on it directly.

7.  How do my future potential customers become a member and place orders on my online ordering website?
A: Your future potential customers can find your ordering website address through google or on your business card. If they feel interested in your products, they can register an account by themselves and then log into your ordering website and place orders after you approve their application.

8.  I don't want to show my wholesale product prices to the public, can I hide the prices?
A: Yes. On your online ordering website your product prices CANNOT be seen in default, customers can see the prices only after logging into your ordering website under your permission. But for the wholesalers who want to show the prices to the public, they can also configure it to show prices even if not logging into your system.

9.  I have different product price tiers for different customers, does my online ordering website support different price tiers/lists to different customers?
A: Yes. On your online ordering website you can configure different price tiers to the same products in advance, and then you can allocate one specific price tier to a specific customer when you approve his/her account application. Your specific customer will only see his/her own price tier.

10.  Since some products should be charged with tax, and some are not, can I configure it to a specific product?
A: Yes. You can configure tax to specific product. System will calculate tax automatically when generating invoice.

11.  Sometimes I want to do a promotion to some products, can I configure some specific products are on sale and put discount on the products?
A: Yes. You can put discount for a specific product. Your customers will see the discount when they log in to your online ordering website. System will calculate the price based on the specific discount automatically when adding product to order.

12. Can I remind customers some products are new arrival? How can I do it?
A: Yes. You can configure whether a product is new arrival or not. If yes, system will label it as NEW product.

13. Once my customer places an order, can he/she update it for any reasons?
A: Yes. Once you customer places an order and submits it, he/she can un-submit it (pulls it back) and update it. Your sales repr can also push it back to your customer to ask him/her to modify it.

14. Can you help me import my products data?
A: Yes. Your ordering website has a functionality of ''Batch Product Import'' that allows you to do import your product information via excel format, but we are always glad to offer support to help you set up your product data, but not support uploading your product pictures. Just drop us an email at Customer.GooOrder@gmail.com and we'll help you setup your ordering website.

15. Can I change the currency for my store?
A: Yes, you can define one currency for your store.

16. What happens if my orders exceed my plan's order limits?
A: No worry, we won't shut you down. We will charge it for the extra orders by the average rate of your plan.

17. How is the monthly order limit calculated?
A: The monthly order limit counts all the orders across all customers. For example, if you have 50 customers and they each order twice a month, you would have 100 orders per month.

18. After I set up my ordering site on your platform, can my customers pay their orders through online credit card payment?
A: Yes, you can integrate your Stripe account with your ordering website, and then you can accept online payment from your customer. The monthly order limit counts all the orders across all customers. For example, if you have 50 customers and they each order twice a month, you would have 100 orders per month.

19. Is my customer's payment online safe?
A: Absolutely safe. Our platform helps your ordering system integrate with Stripe, which is one of the most popular online payment processor, an extremely safe platform for paying and receiving payments. Stripe is a PCI Service Provider Level 1, the highest level of certification available in the payments industry. Our platform does not transport and store your cusotmer's credit card information. All their credit card informations are transported and stored via Stripe. Any payment issues you come across, you need contact Stripe customer service.

20. Do I need a credit card to signup?
A: No. we do not require a credit card in order to sign up an account to have your online wholesale ordering site.