About Us

GooOrder.com (Go Online Order) is a tool and platform for wholesalers, importers, distributors, drop shippers, and manufacturers, who use our online suite of tools to create your own cloud based B2B e-commerce Wholesale Ordering Website (e.g.: adeko.gooorder.com) , invite your retailer customers to place orders online, help you take and manage orders online, increase the speed of processing, bring you closer to your customers and help grow your wholesale business.

Primary Features of Our System

Manager Maintains Products, Price Tiers (More pictures)
1. Organize products by category;
2. Maintain product information and images, setting whether show price to public;
3. Batch update product information, like price,disount etc.;
4. Import products from spreadsheet;
5. Set different price tiers for different customer groups.
6. Invite old customers.
7. Integrate payment processor like Stripe in order to accept online card payment.
8. Two order processing flow options: one is that buyer submits order to seller first for checking whether all products are in stock, the other is that buyer pays order first through online card payment.

Customer Places New Order (More pictures)
1. Customer views products without or with price before login;
2. Customer places new order any time through computer, tablet or smart phone;
3. Customer saves quantity instantly when customer adding or updating quantity;
4. Customer continues unfinished order any time after login again;
5. Customer can pull back submitted order any time and update it before it's not approved by seller;
6. Customer can search specific products easily while placing new order or updating unfinished order;
7. Order is not allowed to be submitted if its amount is less than minimum order amount;
8. Order can be paid through online card payment, or submitted first to seller first for checking whether all products are in stock;

Sales Reps Check New Order from buyer or create order on behalf on buyer (More pictures)
1. Once customer submits new order, sales reps would be notified by email;
2. Sales reps may modify order if some products are out of stock;
3. Sales reps may push order back to buyer if plenty of items are required to modify due to out of stock;
4. Sales reps may modify discount only to specific products in a order;
5. Sales reps may set a minimum order amount;

Sales Reps. Generates Invoice (More pictures)
1. Once an order is submitted, Sales reps checks every items are in stock, and then generates invoice;
2. Sales reps can re-generate invoice in case order get modified again or any mistakes occur;
3. Tax is calculated and included in invoice;
4. Freight, due date can be entered when generating invoice;
5. Invoice can be download and printed any time by PDF format by sales reps and customer;
6. Sales reps can define invoice statuses (Paid or Unpaid);