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Features Make Your Life Easy as a Wholesale Seller

1. Organize your products by categories.
2. Add products one by one or import all your products from XLS file. Edit product price, unit, tax rate, discount, image and minimum, maximum quantities.
3. Batch update any product information within specific groups, like selected products, page scope, product category or all products.
4. Define multiple price tiers for different customer groups.
5. Export your product catalog or price tiers to a excel file.
6. Set whether to display prices to public or not who are not logged in.
7. Display promotional banners of your product images (i.e: '5% OFF' or 'NEW') if specific products are on sale or new arrival.
8. Use your current customer's email and invite them to start placing orders directly online.
9. After approval of future customers registration and allocating customers to a specific price tier, your customer can login and start placing orders.
10. Receive customer's order online by automatic email notification.
11. Push back orders to customers which are required to be modified.
12. Sale Reps can create orders on behalf of customers.
13. Send and receive messages for specific order.
14. Set minimum order amount for a specific customer or customer group.
15. Generate or re-generate invoices based on customer's orders in PDF format, download and print them any time.
16. Two order processing flows options: one is that customer submits order to wholesaler first in order to check whether all products are in stock or not, the other option is that buyer pays order directly through online card payment when submitting order.
17. Integrate one of most popular online payment processor (Stripe) in order to accept online card payment.

Features Your Customers Expect When Ordering Online

1. Allow the public access to your ordering system via computer, smart phone and tablet to review your products (without displaying prices or with displaying prices).
2. After inviting your old customers, they would receive your inviting email, which tells them your wholesale ordering website address, their username and password.
3. Potential customers can register on your ordering website, after your approval customer can login to your ordering website.
4. After logging in, customers can review the products with price and place orders directly online any time at their convenience.
5. Customers can easily search all products by product name or product code.
6. System saves un-finished or un-submitted orders automatically, which allows customer to come back and continue their order.
7. Customers can pay order through online card payment if wholesaler allows and accepts.
8. Customers have all their history orders information and payment status.
9. Customers can access their order and invoice history and print them in a PDF format.
10. Customers can modify their information, like email, phone number, billing address and shipping address.